The Model

Ayubowan! We wish you a long (healthy and wonderful) life.

Mindfulness or “Sati” in Pali, is the basic human ability to be fully present and aware of ourselves and the world around us. Sati Villa has been designed to provide you with a mind and body experience.

There is a certain stillness you are able to experience from the moment you step into Sati Villa. Situated in a quiet meadow away from the city of Kandy Sri Lanka, the fresh air, the endless view of a lush mountain range, the sound of birds and the gush of water from the stream that runs between the Villa, sets the perfect scene for your mindfulness journey. From the start to the end of your stay we promise you to be relaxed, rested and refreshed.

Your experience at the Villa is based on the principles of lifestyle medicine, which addresses your nourishment, physical activity, naturotherapy, resilience and connectedness. What is learnt during your stay at the Villa- we hope you take away with you at the end of your stay.

sati villa - the model