This Is Us

We (Nimesh and Shirini) are busy parents and working professionals. We like to jump off life’s treadmill once in a while to take a break. A wellness getaway in the lush green terrains of Sri Lanka, is our ideal spot.

Dr. Nimesh has over 20 years of experience working in wellbeing, mental health and addictions treatment services, majority of which has being in the National Health Service in UK. Dr. Nimesh, based on his own life experiences, as well as his professional experience became aware of the need for personal growth and self-healing in natural environments. He has put in a great effort to build this Villa and to offer you a tailor-made wellness programme during your stay.

Shirini is a Chartered Accountant & HR professional, and a mother who makes the effort to be present. She is trying to master the art of ‘switching off’ from the corporate world and takes great pleasure in hosting. She will be handling your requests, before and during your stay. We will not be at the Villa during your stay. The chef will be in his living quarters within the property. He and other staff will cater to your needs at the Villa.

We like being hosts and do our best to show our guests the true Sri Lankan hospitality- the quiet version of course.

sati villa - this is us

We believe in balance, harmony, kindness, integrity, humility and generosity.