Your Living Space

Sati Villa was designed by Thisara Thanapathy, an architect who understands us completely and envisioned a living space that fits us. He created our first home in Colombo (over a decade ago) and to date it’s a fort that we do not wish to leave. He has won many awards for holistic architecture and interior design. Thisara’s approach is humane and multi-sensory towards his designs.

There were three small abandoned buildings on site, which Thisara utilized to transpire his concept. They were renovated whereby the built footprint was minimized to gain more garden space into the design. The main structure is built as a thin long bridge that runs over a natural stream. The design harmonizes itself with the beauty of surrounding nature and is a place where one can experience the sensory quality of the stream running underneath.

The entire Villa is your own private space and has three bed rooms. There are two bedrooms and an open living area on the first floor of the main building. The porch, reception, kitchen and open to air dining area are on the ground floor. The sound of the gushing water between the building and the view is amazing. The third bedroom is a standalone, 15 meters away from the main building. This bedroom has a porch that opens to the same magnificent sounds and view.

All bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning.

Explore our garden filled with Mango, Avocado, Rambutan, Olive, Magosteen, Tea, Guava and vegetables during the harvest season.

The main building is built upon a bridge