An accommodation
that is a destination in itself

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Welcome to Sati

The Sati Collection Is Perfectly Nestled Into The Most Magical Locations In Sri Lanka.

Mindfullness or Sati is the basic human ability to be fully present and be aware of ourselves and the world around us. Sati Villa(s) have been designed to provide you with a mind and body experience. If you want to be one with nature, to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones, Sati is the perfect and private spot for you.

Reservations are for the entire villa/apartment. Children under the age of 10 stay free of charge. Each property is unique with its natural surroundings. Learn more about your stay and let us know how we could personalize it for you.



Explore Tranquility at the Luxurious Sati Destinations.

Wariyagala Estate, Kalugamuwa Road, Sri Lanka

Start your mindfulness journey at Sati Kandy

A private luxurious wellness getaway, seamlessly integrated with nature. Mountain views and a stream running through the villa and garden.

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Rekawa Beach, Netolpitiya, Sri Lanka

Start your mindfulness journey at Sati Rekawa Beach

A beach front villa on one of the most pristine beaches in Sri Lanka, preserved for nesting turtles. Nestled between the Rekawa Beach, Rekawa Lagoon and Sanctuary- your natural surrounding is guaranteed to be magical.

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Braybrooke Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Start your mindfulness journey at Sati CityZen Colombo

Your smart home in the heart of the city of Colombo. A self service apartment at TRI ZEN by John Keells Properties. CityZen offers a wide array of facilities and comfort even though you are in the busy city of Colombo.

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Sati Villa stories: experiences shared by our
cherished guests

An Absolute Gem!

Waking up to the soothing sounds of the stream, enjoying meals on the outdoor dining while surrounded by nature's beauty, and being treated with such care by the staff Chanuka & Sujith made this stay an unforgettable escape. If you're seeking a tranquil retreat with impeccable architecture, attentive staff, and exquisite dining, this Airbnb villa is an absolute gem.


SATI Kandy


Our travel group included 5 month old baby to 70 year old adult. Since the villa is constructed over natural stream ( which acted as a susher for my baby) an amazing sleep is well guaranteed. It is surrounded by utter peace and tranquility.The staff especially caretaker took care of all our need. He is a gem of a person. His smile is infectious and cooks such delicious meals.The plunge pool with heating feature is a plus for this place and we had a great time. Villa also has water dispenser, which all breastfeeding mothers would appreciate as it helped me keep myself hydrated. Loved this place and we had a wonderful time. Only regret, we should have booked this place for atleast one week rather than 3 days. Will definitely return again and will recommend it to friends and families back in India.


SATI Kandy

Hidden gem of tranquility

The villa is built in a beautiful seculded location, but only a short drive (45mins from Kandy). The villa sits on top of a charming little creek and the sound of the water is so peaceful. When we arrived we were greeted with a welcome drink of a freshly opened king coconut (with metal straws). The Chef and house keeper were so friendly and helpful, nothing was too much trouble for them. The villa is tastefully appointed and is a fantastic getaway spot. Every little detail is thouggtfully arranged. Another highlight for us was playing in the creek the water is crystal clear and we had Soo much fun.


SATI Kandy

Highly Recommended!

The villa is amazing, design comfort, location, but the staff is even better! They are amazing persons, extremely available, super friendly and professional, made our stay absolutely fantastic. Whatever we needed, they knew it before we could ask! The food cooked by the Chef was unique. We have travelled through several luxurious lodges, but none could compete with him. Let him suggest the meals, you will not regret it! Staff was showing us the best spots on the beach, helping out with everything and get us on very short notice request on the front line watching a sea turtle laying her eggs on the beach just under the villa! Amazing experience, great stay, extremely recommended!


SATI Rekawa Beach

A dream of a vacation!

We spent a wonderful week in this accommodation. Everything was excellent from the communication to the service. The staff were so attentive, every wish was read out to us. The quality of the food was great, we have never eaten such delicious rice & curry. A big compliment!! Every day different animals in the garden visited us :-) We can recommend the Sati Villa in any case. We will be back!


SATI Rekawa Beach

Unforgettable and will be back!

The beautiful stretch of beach behind the garden was breathtaking. We watched a turtle nesting on a nearby beach on the second night. So many animals passed through the garden (monkeys, water buffalo, peacocks, chipmunks). The staff were so kind and accommodating. The rooms were very comfortable and we all enjoyed the pool.


SATI Rekawa Beach


Beyond hospitality: a city escape, a seaside adventure and a hideaway in the mountains.

We truly believe that your Sati experience begins even before you arrive at Sati. We are all about the rest and relaxation with the peace of mind- that you and your loved ones are going to be in the perfect surroundings, in and off grid, creating unforgettable moments. Your reservation is for the entire space- that is seamlessly integrated with nature with a great touch of minimalistic luxury.
We encourage you to maintain your wellness journey (or start one) at Sati. Personalise your stay with us- after all you are our only guest!

Rest and relax
be nurtured by nature

Being in the natural surroundings of Sati can help to quiet the mind and bring a sense of calmness. We guarantee that the exposure to nature, will improve your overall wellbeing. Additionally, practicing mindfulness while at Sati can enhance the experience and deepen your connection to the natural world. By taking time to observe and appreciate the natural beauty that is abundant in Sri Lanka, you can cultivate a greater sense of presence and gratitude. We want your children to explore our garden and enjoy the natural world, while learning to respect it and keep it clean. This is how we at Sati give back to nature. Our Villas are powered by the sun, we ask our guests to help reduce waste and help keep our environment clean.

Explore and
Add a little adventure

The Sati Collection offers you unique experiences. Sati CityZen is in the heart of the busy Colombo city- which you could choose to indulge in or escape. A stay in Colombo should be part of your journey- Colombo is a vibrant city with a rich history, diverse culture and cuisine, nightlife, and beautiful scenery. Sati Villa Kandy is an architectural wonder, with a stream gushing through the villa and lush garden. The cooler weather of Kandy makes your stay comfortable. At Sati Villa Rekawa Beach is where you would add a little adventure- endless walks on the pristine beach, watch turtles lay eggs and kayak on the lagoon. Each Sati location has an adventure at your doorstep.

Take your relaxation
A little further

Our Villas allow you to schedule in a massage or yoga sessions during your stay. Incorporating massage therapy and yoga into a wellness routine can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. The Villas are equipped with Massage therapy tables and yoga mats. We have great wi-fi even though we seem off the grid, however, a digital detox is highly recommended. The nature around the villa is loud (the gushing water stream or beach), the lack of human noise is what makes it so calm and relaxing. There is much to learn from a still mind and heart and at the end of your stay, we hope you take that feeling with you.

meals and service

Sati CityZen is a self-service apartment.
Our Villas are staffed, and your reservation includes 3 meals per night of stay- typically an authentic Sri Lankan menu. The food is home (Villa) made by your personal chef. If you have any dietary restrictions, health concerns, spice preferences please do let us know, and we will do our best to cater to your dietary needs. Picky eaters are most welcomed. You can access the kitchen if you wish.

A little prep
goes a long way

If you need help with planning your trip, sightseeing and transport, we can put you in touch with our tested and trusted network. Drop us a note along with your booking and we will send you contact information of local tour and transport providers.

Our flexibility goes a little further to your timings of check in and check out- based on availability of course. If you have a flight at an odd hour, we’d rather you let us know with your booking, check/agree with us on the flexibility and head straight to Sati from the Airport. Only an additional meal charge will apply- if any.